Whether you’re dreaming of walking along soft, sandy shores or sliding across crisp, smooth snowy slopes sounds like your idea of bliss, you’ve landed in the perfect place.

wanderlustWe believe in making your travel memories and one day when dream holidays a part of your daily life. With travel, holiday and adventure desktop wallpapers and backgrounds to suit any – and every – type of traveler, we’ll have you ploughing through your work so you can minimize windows and start day dreaming and trip planning in no time.

Are you ready?

Just to make things a little easier, we’ve divided our desktop backgrounds up so you can find one that suits you (and your daydreams) quickly.

Choose between beautiful beaches; comforting snow fall; quotes about travel, all the travel. We even have something for those that prefer the sort of travel that is a little out of reach for the rest of us. Browse through luxury travel backgrounds here. It can’t hurt to dream big, can it?

Is there anything we’ve forgotten? Let us know so we can make sure it is added to our galleries.